not meant to be a hamster

I think I’m on panic mode. Countdown to GCM started this week. 20 weeks to go and counting, yikes! Yesterday’s hamster run didn’t help. It left me pffft and feeling absolutely blech.

Tapos, it started bucketing rain this afternoon. I thought I was going to run hamster it again. *no likee* Good thing it cleared up around 5pm.

At 7pm, Vix and I were on our way to log our 7km. The afternoon downpour made it cool. Great for running.

We just ran and slowed down for walks when we got tired. I had a feeling that we were were running faster than usual and walking less too. Naka roctane yata si Vix. I was just following her pace.

When we hit the gillage, I moved to point position. Revenge! But she’s daya!<– nagsumbong , I ran the pace she set and she didn’t play. Revenge, FAIL! I did squeeze in one hill repeat and extracted a promise to bump it up to 2 on our next run. Hehe not a total fail.

We reached Km6 in 51mins. Yipee! Our pace improved na. When we started training, Lance Armstrong’s 70.3 Panama swim pace was faster than our 5K pace. Do the math and weep or celebrate with us. I don’t kerr, I got my eye on GMC and meHappymucho!

After running, we spent a few #chummy minutes outside Riovana and watched the participants of the Run United FREE running clinic. If you want to join, visit Kamoterunner’s blog to check out the details.

Before heading home, we dropped by Mizuno to register for the Yakult 10miler.


And Look! See!

The cutest Precisions…ever! Love the flowers. Say hello to women’s Wave Precision 12. Pero, I think sizing is different though. Tried on a pair and had to go for the next half size. My usual 8.5 was too small. A lot has changed since the 8s. It felt lower too.

I run better outside. Not created for hamster run.

Well, Gnyt now and have a fabulous Friday y’all!


4 thoughts on “not meant to be a hamster

    1. Hi kathy, thanks for visiting. Not sure about the 11, naghoard kasi ako ng yellow mens precision 7. It’s wider than the range for women.

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