GORun PR Material with my hirits

Skechers GO Run changes the face of running with its mid-foot strike technology

SKECHERS USA, Inc. recently launched the new Skechers GO Run – a new minimalistic lightweight running shoe line that integrates the revolutionary mid-foot strike technology. I’ve seen these shoes in the stores. I checked one out because the colors were very eye catching. Didn’t try them on though. But I have to admit that I became curious about these shoes when I saw a funny article of Lee Davis entitled, “Somebody ought to lose their job at nike, meb keflezigh wins Olympic marathon trials”. Click here to read the article.

Skechers GO Run’s mid-foot strike technology is designed to enhance the natural running performance of runners by positioning the body for an efficient mid-foot strike, thus, reducing the impact of heel striking. A new technology. Chismis first, in the comments page of the article one reader said GORun designer is from Nike. True? Dunno. Eniweis, new technology. Very interesting. My one that promotes forefoot strike is really good. Is this any better?

Heel striking is very common among runners. However, this style of running is not only inefficient, but is also considered dangerous due to the jarring impact it has on the body. With the arrival of Skechers GO Run, runners can feel the big difference because now it is easier to move from heel striking and efficiently transition to mid-foot striking. I think I will need to visit one of the stores and try GORun. I’m curious about the efficient transition to mid-foot striking. GOrun can change my foot strike? Curious, curious, curious … My first pink ones promotes forefoot pero when I get tired and lose form, I revert to heel strike.

Skechers GO Run is radically lightweight, weighing just 5.9 ounces. It also flexes and twists responsively, giving the feet freedom to move comfortably. It also has the Go Impulse sensors for enhanced sensory feedback.. Strategically positioned on the outsole of the shoe where the impact points are greatest, Skechers Go Impulse sensors move together and independently to provide sensory feedback to the brain. In turn, this allows runners to feel the pressure and quickly react on the ground. Sensory feedback. New technology … sometimes can be marketing lang or sometimes breakthrough talaga. Well, Meb ran a personal best in them. Was it the runner or the shoe or runner on GORun.

Skechers GO Run has also signed up Elite runner and Olympic silver medalist Meb Keflezighi or popularly known in the running world as Meb. More than just being the face of the worldwide campaign, Meb personally took part in the development of the product together with the Skechers Advanced Concepts Team by providing his professional insights through a series of product testing and consultations. Ahh maybe that’s the reason why I can’t find the orange/yellow combo he is wearing in other sites. Maybe it’s made specially for him. The yellow/orange combo is pretty hot!

In fact, Meb will be joining the U.S. Team in London after finishing first and setting a new personal record of 2:09:07 at the recent 2012 Houston Trials. Wearing Skechers GOrun racing footwear, Meb surpassed his 2011 New York Marathon time of 2:09:13. Such accomplishment reflects the innovation and superior engineering that went through with the overall design for Skechers GO Run.

For more information on Skechers GO Run, visit http://www.skechers.com.ph/gorun and like Skechers on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SkechersFitnessPhilippines.

Check them out at SKECHERS Concept Shops located at Trinoma, Glorietta, Market! Market!, Robinson’s Place Manila, Festival Supermall, Marquee Mall (Pampanga), Ayala Center Cebu (Cebu), Abreeza Mall (Davao), Gaisano Mall of Davao (Davao).

Try one and check out the new technology. Share with us what you think. I’m interested because I’m loving the wedge shoes I got last week. 😀 If they can make wedge shoes this comfy they might really be able to make great running shoes, too.


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