WordArt Thursday : Level-up to 7


Before I ran yesterday, I read some of my 2008 and 2009 posts. I can run fast pala dati. Na-inspire naman ako.

Tapos, I gave myself a pat on the back. Writing about my previous training runs is paying off now. I just need to go back to these posts when I need a little inspiration or when I’m feeling a little lost I have a plan and path to follow.

RUN: I ran my second 7K easy today. Level-Up to 7, wee!

It will get easier. I’m very happy that I walked less, ran more and ran faster.

I want to do another easy 7 this week. My short term goal is to build up to 3x a week easy 10s. Speed work can wait. I want a strong and solid base again. Vicky, ayan hindi na sya evil plan. Now, you know. Macau na!


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