“newbie” runner’s 5K : Timex Run


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Before the 5K gun was fired, Boy “The Running Host” and Tricia Chiongbian, gave a shout out to newbie runners running their first 5K race. I joined the cheers of the runners beside. I may not be a real newbie but after a several months of “rest” (tamad to train and run), I felt like a newbie.

The runner on my left was giving last minute tips to his friend. First race yata. I eavesdropped for some last minute refresher on racing a 5.

Opps did I say racing? I didn’t have plans to race this morning but I think I ended up pushing a little harder.

When we heard the gunstart, we slowly moved to the starting line. I was in the middle of the pack so it took sometime to get to the starting line. As I crossed, I hit the start button of my watch (Timex syempre. Won it in a raffle. Yihee!) and RunKeeper app and started running.

Zoom! Well, at least felt I zoomed away. I knew it was a bit faster than my last 3 runs. My legs felt fresh and able to take on the gentle incline of the 1st km. Hala takbo lang.

I was lucky. I felt that I placed myself in a good pack. The runners around me were all running a steady pace. There were some who started walking after 500m but I just put up my imaginary blinders and focused on the ones who were running a steady pace.

After 18mins, I walked na. Konti lang, 5meters only. I wanted to do a straight run. I think could but I knew that my pace would suffer. And so as I was walking, I was computing. I’m not very good with math but I figured a sustained pace of 8ish will be slower than 6:30ish to 7ish with walk breaks. It was just a little after 6am and I’m not good with math… so this assumption was a gamble. I wished that it would pay off.

When we crossed to the IS area, most of the runners stopped at the water station, I stuck to my intervals and I kept on running. Kasi, I knew what is up ahead. Downhill! I like riding downhills. And kasi, I couldn’t spot Vix. We started together and I knew that she was right behind me pero after my first walk break, I couldn’t spot her na. Karipas Bards! Vix is gaining! <– Competitive hehe

At the end of the downhill was the 3km marker. I love 5k! Konti na lang! Walked a bit and then I saw Vix. Well, thanks to my being slightly competitive I put it in a faster 3K. Oh well, might as well continue pushing. The downhill near the Japanese school helped a lot.

And we were back to 32nd street, yey!. Push! I knew that I’m runningfaster than my last 5Ks. How far and fast I push?

Last turn.


Lots of people walking to the finish but I kept on running. Push! 400m to go … I took on tall dude in my right, 300m … passed a walking manong on my left, 200m … fit girl on my right is running strong but not sprinting… Zoom!


My unofficial time 37:56.12. Haha sorry if I told the race like I was running 5ish pace. I felt great after the race, I felt even better when I was able to catch my breath again. The last 100m was cross eyed push pace.


Vix and I walked around the event grounds. We got our loot bag and then had our pics taken. It was great to leisurely go around the event grounds. We normally don’t do this because we are rushing to breakfast. But after running 5K only, the need to refuel is not that strong. The 5K loot bag was fun too. We got the usual water and Powerade with iced tea mix, corned tuna and a spread (Lite … but called fat spread. Confusing.) Pero, if there was a pan de sal booth, we could have had a picnic. :o)


Talk about Piolo power eh. Awarding ceremonies do not draw this much crowd but here they are waiting.


Bloggers with TIMEX, GM Avinash Uttamchadani,Gemma Racraquin-Pagsibigan and RunRio’s Vima Mendoza (aka Kulit Runner).


Coach Rio, Piolo and Anthony Suntay during the awarding ceremony. Wait, this is before Piolo tossed his singlet to the crowd. Uy, look! He’s wearing Newtons.


And hindi man ako nagPR at this race, PR ako sa photo ops. 😀 When we walked into the tent, there were very few people inside. I was swerte. Thanks Vimz. I was really curious how his race went, so when I had the chance, I introduced myself as one of the bloggers during the launch and asked him if nag-PR sya. He said yes and the guy he was talking to said, “Ah kasama kayo sa nagpressure.” We all laughed. I then reminded him that the pressure is not yet over as we are all looking forward to see how he’d do in Berlin and reminded him, “4 di ba.”

ThePioloFactor was a definite plus yesterday but take that factor away and I would still say that I had a good run. No, erase-erase, I had a great race. A great finish time is always a reason to celebrate but it is not the only criteria I have for great races. The 2012 Timex Run was great because I felt I ran a smart race. Everything I needed to know about running a race all came back to me while I was running. I found a comfortable pace and I raced smart.

Many thanks to Timex, RunRio, Vima Mendoza, and the rest of my fellow 5K runners for making it a great race!


5 thoughts on ““newbie” runner’s 5K : Timex Run

  1. i really don’t know what was with us that day..we outpaced and outrun our old tamad selves…hahaha..congrats! we all had a great run…piolo is a positive force…

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