Hyper over HyperSports

A few days ago I received an invitation to HyperSports’ Get Fit 2012 launch.


Djundi Biñas, Operations Manager – HSPI wrote that, “Getting fit is one of the main goals that people have. We, at HyperSports Philippines, Inc. (HSPI) would like to encourage people to get fit and stay fit through our fitness programs, training sessions and road races.”

Interesting. I wonder what these guys are up to?

As I was free last Saturday afternoon, I decided to check it out. The event was at Ultra so I figured I could check out the launch and then do a few laps around the track. Miss ko na Ultra.


Meet the HyperSports team. They are track stars from different universities and national team athletes. Yup, they know what they are doing! To get to know them better visit www.hypersports.ph.


When I got there, I noticed that everybody was ready for a workout. Haha! Good thing I came with my gear.

HSPI started by introducing the members of their team. Impressive team with equally impressive track creds who got together because they want to contribute to the sport we all love.

After the opening, they introduced Rene Herrera.


You get to bonk me now in the head. I thought, Rene who? Arghhhh my sincerest apologies for not recognizing greatness!!! The soft spoken simple man in front of me bagged the gold in the 3000m Steeplechase Male at the 2011 SEA Games. He ran 3K in 8:52.23 while clearing 28 ordinary barriers and seven water jumps. Greatness! Okay, free kutus again.


Rene talked about how we can improve as runners. He said that if we want to improve as runners, we need to prepare. Yup girls and boys, time to differentiate between running in a race and racing. I also liked when he pointed out that our body needs to adapt to the pace and distance that we demand from it. Meaning to capture the elusive sub58 10K or run thedream sub2 Half, I need to do my math again. Compute pace. Compute distance. And most important of all plan my progression.


The rest of the running enthusiasts who joined the clinic. Prolly wondering, like me, 100 miles a week?!!? He runs 100miles a week to prepare for a Full. Hay kapoy!


HSPI Team Member Ninoy Marayag led us in a series of basic fitness and running drills and workouts. I love drills!

The team highlighted the need for good form to improve running performance. Drills! Drills! It’s a great way to improve form. I always feel silly when I do it solo so it was good to do it with the rest of the participants.


After the drills, we ran 2,012 meters. With timing chip, bongga!


Fitness First RCBC Trainers ready to get fit in 2012!

Am I ready? Sure, why not! I'm chasing a dream in July after all.


Come join us at the next HyperSports clinic. Visit their Facebook fan page to get updates on HSPI’s upcoming events.


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