An afternoon with Piolo


I have to admit, when I found out that I was invited to attend the press launch for the 2012 Timex Run, I shrieked. Piolo will be there and they have allocated time for bloggers to ask him questions.

Say what you must, but this guy can run and runs fast. SubPiolo (47min 10k) remains to be an elusive dream for some of us. And for that, half an hour to ask him questions was a treat.

Here are some highlights of the afternoon:

On his 10K PR more popularly known as subPiolo: He says that it was his first ever 10k race. He said he just made sure he stayed on Coach Rio’s pace.

Will he try to beat it on Jan 22 at the 2012 Timex Run? He said he doesn’t know if he will be able to beat his time. He lost weight over the holidays and that will probably help him run faster. If he can’t beat his time, he will try to at least finish close to it.

What’s his training program? Like most of us, he tries to put in a quality workout i.e. tempo and speed workout and of course regular long runs. Didn’t get into specifics. Baka secret training. So if you’re trying to chase him down at the Timex Run, better log in quality kms. Oh and he did tell us where he runs. Hehe.

Running, racing … And the fans : He said that it has pros and cons. On the positive side, they keep you motivated because they cheer for you. On the flipside, he admitted that they had provide him security during the Camsur 70.3. He then told us a story of one fan who wanted to take his picture while he was out on his long run. When he couldn’t produce enough smiles for her pics, she asked why he was masungit. He had to tell her that it’s kinda do a long run and keep on smiling. So on Jan22, cheer for him but don’t feel so bad if he doesn’t wave and smile as often. It’s kinda hard to be chummy at 4:30 min/km. If you don’t believe me, give it a try. :o)

Nutrition: Before he stopped eating rice, beef and pork. Pero, because of his runs, he started to shrink. He has incorporated rice and beef back to his meals. And yes, he takes gels during runs and swears by them. Me too! Roctane!!!!

What’s next for Piolo? 70.3 relay in Cebu. Mesh, sama na pala ako sa Cebu. And a Full in September at the Berlin Marathon. Goal time for Berlin? He threw in, “yung time na umabot pa ako ng buhay sa finish line.” Then followed it up with, “4 hours lang.” Yes, 4 hours lang. We all wish that, too.

Goodluck Piolo and may you set a new PR at the 2012 Timex Run.


If you haven’t registered yet, on site registration is open until JANUARY 18. Reg na!


5K : Reg Fee – 650. Gun Time – 5:50am

10K : Reg Fee – 700. Gun Time – 5:30am

16K : Reg Fee – 750. Gun Time – 5:10am.

Visit for complete details.

Thanks to Timex and Runrio for an uber fun, informative and interactive event.


And congratulations to Gigi and Banjo for winning the Pinoy Henyo Challenge. Sorry Let, I’m such a bobo partner!



6 thoughts on “An afternoon with Piolo

  1. Bards! AH LUV IT! 😀 Parang katabi lang kita at kine-kwentuhan mo ako habang binabasa ko itong post mo. Panalo ka na nga kay Piolo, panalo pa sa raffle ng Timex watch AT SA Blog post mong ito 😀 See you soon!

    1. Hi Kate! Thanks for dropping by. It’s not yet available yet. Will keep you posted if/when they start retailing it. It’s by Team Manila. You may check at their stores also (baka sakali).

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