C25 : Week 3


Last week was pretty exciting. Half the time, I was worried that my legs would just flyout from under me after I hit the 1min mark and continued to pound the treadmill for extra 30secs. Luckily, I triumphed and didn’t have to be scraped from the gym floor.

Sunday’s 6K breakfast run was a succes. I incorporated Week2 Run3 to my run. I was very thrilled with my performance.

I think treadmill and road runs combo is a good strategy when doing C25. My treadmill runs gave me the confidence to run the intervals within my target pace. Road run last Sunday helped me validate that I can push and maintain my training pace.

On the menu this week:

Tue, Thur and Sun
Warm-up 5min walk

Run 90secs/Walk 90sec, Run 3min/Walk 3min.

Repeat 2x

Cool down 5min.

C25K App review:
I love this app. It gave me an easy program to follow. I can listen to music and still hear the audio cues for each interval.

It has a slightly Pavlovian effect to me. I hear the Ting! Run. command and my legs start pumping fast. The Ting! Walk. command signals my whole body relax and recover. Woof-woof!


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