Goldcoast Marathon Adventure : Part 3 : Touchdown Oz and Expo

It all stared here Part1, then here Part2 and continued here Part2b

On with the adventure…

Two days after leaving Manila, I’m finally in Australia. I cleared immigration and customs with ease.

To get to my hotel, I had 2 choices, take the local bus or the airport bus. The local bus was cheaper so I decided to go with that option. I stepped out of the airport turned left, walked, turned right walked. I’m confused. Oh yeah, I’m lost. Again. Somebody took pity on me and pointed to the right direction. I waited a bit.

It was cold, I’m still sleepy. I headed back to the terminal and bought tix for the airport bus.


See that big smile? 🙂 Warm and comfy again.

The bus ride took about 30mins. When I got to the hotel, I checked in and left my bag. Too early to get a room.


I wandered around a bit and looked for breakfast. I could have opted for a truly Aussie breky but I needed something more familiar. So when I saw a Starbucks, I grabbed my usual breakfast, sat down and let it all sink in. Yikes, Im really going to be running a half marathon in 3 days.


After breakfast, I walked to the Promenade. *Squinted and nodded* Yup, some people are really swimming. I wanted to shout, it’s winter people, it’s cold!!! After a bit, I joined the fun and took off my shoes and walked barefoot on the beach.

I slowly made my way back to the hotel. Thankfully, the room was ready when I got back. I wanted to check-in with the folks but found out that internet access was verrrry expensive. I miss my 3rd world country with free wifi everywhere. The day was saved by my kindle. The free 3G works. Black and white FB, but its free.

After a quick nap, I had lunch and explored some more. By this time, ypu probably know that exploring for me translates to turning right, left, back tracking and then finding interesting stuff along the way. Makes getting lost fun.

In one of the turns I made, I found a massage place. Would have been perfect, except AUD50!!! That’s approx PHP2000. I thought, “That’s a spa treatment back home.” *sigh*


I turned in early. Woke up early for an easy run. I haven’t decided yet what shoe to wear for the race. I needed to test if the Newtons and I will get along. I ran along the Promenade. It was great. I saw a lot of runners who will obviously be joining the race also. Most of them were very fit and fast.


Check out my Surfer’s Paradise route. Lovely! What I would do to be able to call this my playground. *wish*

After my short run, I decided against wearing the Newtons. It didn’t feel right. It would be smarter to stick to good ole reliable Precisions. Maybe when I really race again…


I rewarded myself with a mini beni with a tall skinny flat white (Starbucks translation tall non fat latte). Sat outisde and watched people run. I’m scared! Maybe if I watch and concentrate I can get some of their speed.

After breakfast, I changed and headed out to collect my race kit.

At the hotel, I got directions to the bus stop. When I got there, I checked the bus schedule and patiently waited. Their buses have schedule and are generally in time. Also, unlike here in Manila where most buses end up along Edsa going north or south and will always pass Cubao (Ilalim or Ibabaw), here taking the wrong bus can mean being in an entirely different and far far away suburb.

Achieve! I found the right bus stop and the right bus.

After getting on the right bus, I just planned to play sheep and follow everbody to the convention center.

Remember how anxious I was over breakfast? Well, being seated in front of what sounded like a couple seeded runners didn’t help.

They weren’t bragging or anything (And I really shouldnt have been eavesdropping), but hearing them talk how they plan to go out and run the race and the runs they have done prior to the race didn’t help settle my tummy.

We arrived at our destination. I made it like a sheep and followed.


It was a BIG hall and getting my race bib was easy!


Time to check out the expo. Lots of stuff to see and check out. And no pictures coz too busy being nosy. I took a picture of the Asics booth. I liked it! You can record a video cheer. Sadly I was alone, no one will cheer for me *sniff*


Grabbed lunch and headed back to the hotel. I wanted to put up legs, rest, relax and NOT PANIC.

I spent the afternoon fussing about my 21K plan. I need to meet the cut-off at each check point. I can do it, says the crazyrunner in me. PinoyPride will carry me all tge way to km21.

I had to customise my pace bracelet. All I needed to do is run with average pace of 7:30min/km. Doable?



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