WordArt : New Balance


Been running in the gym. Workouts only last for a little over 30mins. Didn’t seem worth the effort of going all the way to BHS for such a short run.

I’m beginning to fit in running in my schedule again. I have to admit that I have enjoyed having time to go to the movies on what use to be SpeedTuesdays, reading a book instead of doing Semi-longWednesday, having lazy breakfast on EasySaturdays and waking up at noon on LongSundays. I did go a little overboard the last time I was in training mode. It paid off but after the big race, I was tired. Sick and tired.

I was craving for the things I’ve missed. I wanted time away from it all. I can’t seem to stay away because I still kept signing up for races but the edge was gone.


This is my new challenge. I will train and still fit in all the new things I like to do.

Run. Week2R2 was hard. I just added 30secs and my legs were screaming as we cleared the 1min mark. Maybe the pace, maybe, but I don’t want a slacker pace…

oh and I thought I scheduled this post, ayan late tuloy.


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