My take on the BGC Run + Flag Football


This is definitely something new for most Pinoy runners. A must try!

And if you complete the race, you get a chance to win a trip for 2 and run in Australia. It is a great running destination!

So what do you do in the flag football bit? Runrio posted the mechanics here :

Here’s my take on it.

You run run run and then you will eventually reach the Flag Football zone.

Queue up. Don’t worry they will have several fields. Pero expect to queue up pa rin, ha. Kasi while in the line they will give you the belt with the flags. 2 flags per belt. I’ve seen it. Easy lang, just snap it on.

And then when it’s finally your turn…Hala maghanda ka na!

Wait for the signal, run to the marked spot where you will receive a pass from the quarter back. Catch it! Magpractice ka na sumalo ng football. If you don’t catch it, pick it up.

And when you have the ball na, RUN!!!

There will be a defender who will try to get your flag. Don’t let them get your flags. You can’t swat their hands away or hide your flags. Habulan ito! I think at the launch they mentioned something about sway-sway ng hips away from the defender. Kembot-kembot? Or you can try begging.

They did not say if screeching through the field is a foul. So screech away if you wanna. Or ask the marshalls. Not recommended for PaMhinTa, mabubuking.

Time penalties will be given depending on your performance in the flag football zone.

Before you continue running, be sure you have your ball and the belt with 2 flags. Surrender ball and flag belt to the marshalls. Hindi po sya souvenir.

And then run run run again.

After you finish the race, cross your fingers, arms, toes, legs and eyes. Baka swertihin na manalo sa raffle!

Have fun!


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