C25 : Week 2 : Patience


Week 1 was a breeze. The only trouble I had was finding time to do my runs and sticking to it. So many fun things to do, so little time.

After W1R2 it was so tempting to drop the program and find something more challenging but I held back. The goal is to build a solid base and regain my muscle running memory.

This is really back to basics for me pero I’m thinking that this will make me a stronger and hopefully a faster runner.

I super enjoyed the Sunday easy run to breakfast. Time and distance fly when you are sharing the joy (and misery of long hill climbs).

Week 2 Menu

Tue, Thu and Sat:
5min Warm-up, 1:30 run/2min walk x 6 5min cool down.

Walk/run to breakfast.
I will aim to run a little bit longer, a little faster and a little less walking breaks.

All we need is just a little patience – Guns N’ Roses


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