Goldcoast Marathon Adventure : Part 2b : KL Stopover

Now where were we…

I started here Part1, and here Part2 . On with the adventure…

After I checked in, I headed out to explore my neighborhood. Lester said I’d be in the Indian area. Located a few streets from the hotel is a wet market. It was amazing. Local buzz. Im sorry now that I didn’t take a few photos. They were selling lotsa dried fish. The fruits are not too different. I picked up a kilo of rambutan and munched my way around.

While crossing one intersection, I looked left and saw the Petronas Towers.

Maybe I can walk to Petronas Towers for dinner…


And I walked and walked and walked… The Tower was getting bigger but not nearer!!!  I was determined to walk all the way to the towers but finally gave up when I saw that I might need to get on a major highway to get to the towers. I decided to go back to the hotel. Stopped. Back tracked to a resto.


I had some tom yum and bok choy with rice. I think it’s tom yum. A very spicy tom yum. And coke!


Full of spicy food, I made my way back to the hotel.

Bored! So i made a friend.


Bored talaga. No wifi and I only had local channels.

So I made more friends…


Finally, I decided to plan for the next day. With my map and touristy stuff print outs, I made came up with a solid plan to see and experience a KL like no other. I always like to research before my trips so that I can make a rough plan before I arrive. I mix and match, pick and discard places to visit as a I go along. (Travel Tip No. 1) My favorite google search words when I travel to a new city are “top ten tourist attractions”,  “free cheap  (insert city) tourist stuff” and “alternative (insert city)”. I have found real gems with these key words. It worked so well for KL, too.


I woke up late and decided to skip the Towers. My plan was to use the trains to get around. (Travel Tip No. 2) But before I left the hotel, I checked with the girl at the front desk  if there was an easier way to get to Central Market. She said that the best way was to hop on a bus from the bus station located a few meters from the hotel. Sweet! Front desk peeps, the doorman and most important of all the concierge are among my best friends when I travel. They know the best eats and places to go.

The Central Market is what it promised to be. There were nooks and crany with keepsakes and crafts from different provinces. The lure of shopping was not too strong. I was travelling on a budget airline and couldn’t afford to get weighed down with additional items. There was also a free walking tour around the market, starts at 11am. Pero, it was raining and I didn’t want to tempt fate. I opted to stay dry and warm inside the art gallery area. After browsing for a little bit, I couldn’t resist sitting and creating my very own Malaysian Batik.


I paid MYR20 for a design and settled in to make my very own Malaysian batik. The man at the store explained to me the process. It is similar to wet on wet technique for water color. He gave me a tray of dye to use and told me to use my imagination and have fun with it.  It was a very relaxing way to soak up the culture.

Here’s my work of art. Ta-da!


Finally it was time to go back to my hotel to check out. I took another bus back to Chow Kit. I felt like a local. Im babaw. Travelling the way locals do is part of the adventure for me.

After checking out, I took the monorail back to KL Sentral to put my bags in one of the lockers. This way I can continue to explore the city without my big bag. After putting my bag in the rental locker, I was on my way to Kuala Lumpur station. Based on my city guide, the Kuala Lumpur station is famous for it’s architecture. It is also located near the National Mosque.

I love looking at old buildings.

It was a much longer wait for the train this time. After 30mins, the train finally came.


Touchdown Kuala Lumpur station! And lucky me found a free museum!



LostTourist wandered down and up an underpass. When I reached street level I found the National Mosque.


I had to wait a little bit. The mosque was still closed to the public. It opened at 2pm. We were asked to take off our shoes. Women were also asked to wear a robe with head cover.  This was my first time to enter a mosque. It was a very quiet, tranquil and peaceful place.



After the mosque, I just wandered around the area a bit … okay I was lost, I couldn’t figure out how to cross back to the train station.

I enjoyed my KL stopover. The last time I was here,  I did the touristy stuff. Hop on and hop off the van with the tour guide. I liked this trip much better as I was going at my own pace and picked the places I wanted to see. I will need to go back again. I didnt have time to check out the museum across the National Mosque and I want to do the walking tour at Central Market.

Next stop Coolangatta…


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