so you want a race kit?

Texting revolutionised a lot of things in the Philippines. Foremost is the concept of load and pasa-load. When we were negotiating our work conditions of service, I tried to introduce the concept of pasa-vacation leave, pasa-sick leave and pasa-under time. These didn’t fly though…maybe I was way ahead of my time.

In the same way, pasa-concept cant be applied to work contracts, the pasa-race bib practice should also be discouraged among runners. Aaminin ko na I’ve done this a few times.

But why?????

Weh, kasi there are very serious repurcussions to passing on your race bibs. I swear I won’t do this again.

First off, here are the legal ways on how to get a race kit.

1. Buy. I still remember how many days I had to pass on my favorite iced tall non fat latte to save for a race in 2009. Madami!

2. Join a contest. There seems to be contest a plenty in FB. Just make sure though that it is not somebody passing on their registration and that you will really be registered in the race.

3. Be sponsored/ be a media partner. This is one of the perks of blogging for me.

These are the legal ways to get a race kit and join a race. So what happens if you pass your race kit or you receive and use somebody else’s race kit?

Here are some of the problems:

1. Insurance will be void. Yup, if you are not a registered runner, the insurance the organiser took out to cover participants will not apply to you.

2. If something happens to you in a race, organizer will not be liable – even if the organizer was really responsible

3. Not included in the race results.

4. If you give it to a faster runner, your friends will question your time.

5. If you give it to a slower runner, naman, think of your reputation.

Before you pasa-race kit, heaven forbid buy and sell a race kit, receive a race kit … think about 1 and then 2 and maybe even 3, 4 and 5.

Safet first!


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