Goldcoast Marathon Adventure : Part 2a : KL Stopover

Part 1

PART 2a – KL Stopover

Afternoon arrival at KL then a late night flight to Coolangatta. My plan was to deposit my luggage at the airport locker and then take a bus to the city for dinner and then return in time for my OZ flight.

Good plan!



The day before I flew to KL I was fixing all my docs. When I looked at my tix gasp I arrive KL Wednesday afternoon and my OZ flight isn’t until Thursday evening. Panic! Good thing Lester was able to recommend a reasonably priced hotel. Cititel in Chowkit is similar to our GO Hotel. It’s very near the Chow Kit monorail station and a local market.

I immediately booked online and then started checking out the train routes.


All set!

Cebupac flight to KL was delayed but
I just chilled at T3. I have plenty of time.

After arriving at budget terminal of KL, I walked fast. It was a full flight and I didnt to wait too long in the immigration line.

The LCC terminal was quite a hike. We landed at around 3ish and I realised that my decision not to runin KL was correct. It was so hot!!! I comforted myself with the thought that I’ll be in winterwonderland with sand pretty soon.

Immigration and Cusyoms, cleared!

I saw the counters where they were selling bus tix but couldnt buy them yet. No MYR. After cashing up, I sheeped it to the bus queue. MYR9.00 to the city. Nice!

Bus ride was just like travelling in NLEX or SLEX except we were on the otherside of the road.


See … just like going home to Batangas.

The bus was filled with locals and lotsa tourist as well. I cant help but feel a little jealous. They have so many tourist. And they make it so easy to travel even on a budget.

Bus ride took less than an hour. We pulled into KL Sentral. This a major hub for buses and trains.

First on the agenda, food! I was starving. There was a Mcdo and KFC but I decided to hit the local food agad.


Chook. Chips. Pickled stuff. Rice. HOT!!!!!

Fortified, I was ready for my next challenge which is to find the monorail.


Again, lotsa tourist in the monorail. How do I know? They were either carrying maps like me or had big suitcase like me.

Cititel. Home for the night. Room was basic, clean and cheap. No windows though.


LIF BOMBA. Must mean elevator but I had a couple of smart@$$ translation.

Pause muna…tbc again.

Run : Zilch. No more lower back tightness but I’m going to rest it until today. Friday I will hit the road again. I have a plan.


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