my goldcoast marathon – part 1

I’m having another tail problem. The Monday after the Nike We Run Manila, I was walking like a duck. I couldn’t stand up straight at all. Ferdie fixed it last Tuesday, but I think I need to go back today for another session.

I’m not blaming the run. I think it was caused by one of the gym machines I used the Friday before the race. The wave machine made my back crooked. I think.

We’ll bad back and all, might as well share with you my race last July … In detail.


This race begun in Aug 2010 when I saw the Airasia seat sale. Love bargains!

I saw the travel period and immediately checked what are the available races during that time.

Found KL Marathon – too hot!

And then I saw the Goldcoast Marathon. – Winter! Puydi!

I did toy with the idea of doing back to back marathons – KL then GC kasi consecutive weekends. Pinaglaruan lang po.

When I checked the airfare, I knew that I was going to do it. Sobrang good buy. Plus as Dingdong said, we can run a Half in a snap. Snap! Famous last words…

I registered for the race on April 2011. Registering for the race was easy. Waiting for cheap MNL-KL flight was harder.


Before I knew it, it was June and I was eating my first nasi lemak in Kuala Lumpur.


I hope my back gets better na. My shoes are dusty and sad.


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