Nike We Run Manila 2011 : Start and Finish Photos

Yesterday was truly a red and hot event. Eman was right, it was indeed a sea of red that greeted us yesterday afternoon. BGC streets became a sea of red as the 8000 participants of We Run Manila took to the streets.

At the starting line, runners watch the count down.

For more photos visit TEAM USB’s Facebook Page.

Click here to view the race results.

With fellow bloggers Gigi, Bobby, Art hubby ni KulitRunner, Jet, Dhenz and Let. Smiles kahit afraid that we would end up trampled.

I spotted one of the elites. Oh geez, I gotta make it like a rabbit out of this chute. Don’t want to be roadkill.

This is a new route with numerous U-turns. Hmmm, looks like Natz doesn’t want to get lost Nagdala ng map! 😀

One more time, picture-picture muna ulit!

THE RACE – Coming soon!

But … I did it. I did it! I finished!

With enuff energy to party!

Thanks to VIPz, Marco and the rest of the Ogilvy team.

It was a superb race experience!

Race kwento to follow…


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