purposeful run

After work last Wednesday, I wanted to register for the adobo run after dark.

During rush hour here in Makati, it usually takes about 20-30 minutes to get a cab. The drive from the end of Ayala to BHS can take another 30-45mins. Worst case scenario it could take me over an hour to get to BHS.

Instead of waiting in line for a cab and then in traffic, I decided to run the approximately 7km distance to BHS.

I haven’t logged more than 3Ks this month so I figured this is the best way to save some time and money and also log a few more kms this week.

I started with a very easy pace along HV dela Costa. I was half wishing it would rain again so that I could have a cool run. Alas, no rain. No breeze. Sweaty!

I turned left at Makati Ave and ran all the way to Ayala Triangle Gardens. I joined the runners doing loops at ATG.

I crossed Makati Ave and ran at the back of the Pen. Kaso I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have gone all the way. Turns out I cannot cross Ayala ave anymore. Grrr. I had to back track and find an underpass to get to the otherside of Ayala. Ohwell, at least I’m logging more miles.

When I looked at my watch, I was also very pleased to see that my time at the 3.6km mark was faster than last Friday. Yey!

I crossed Ayala Ave and the Edsa. I just wish I can get to ROX before the adobo run reg table close for the day.

Halfway there! When I got to Mckinley, I saw how bad the traffic was…look o! I gave myself a pat on the back. Good thinking wonder dog.

I like running here. They have sidewalks and thanks to the cars the street is relatively well lit. In the mornings, the big acacia trees offer lots of shade.

Fifth ave!!! Yipee, 1km to go. From Km4-6, I started to take walk breaks. I wasn’t fussed. Kasi naman when I reached Km4 I was so happy. It’s my longest run since July.

I did make up for the walking breaks by doing some strides.

Touchdown ROX!

Runmeter says: Distance : 7.32km – Time : 58:41.

I was cross-eyes tired!

I walked around a bit to cool down. And then I went up to the reg area. Oo, I used the elevator haha.

Fill out form, tick here, sign here and Voila! I’m registered.

That was a good run!


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