when was the last time you ran in the rain?

rain .. run rin

There was a time when rain could not keep me indoors. I remember one rainy week that  I used most of my shoes kasi I kept on running kahit rain run rin. Lately, the rain just makes me curl up and burrow under my sheets. Rain = Bed Weather.

Last Friday, I had a chance to run under the rain again.

When I set off, I only had one goal in mind, I need to run fast enough to get to the grocery before they close. I needed to pick up ingredients for the soup we will make. The grocery is about 3Ks out and I was confident that I had enough in my legs to make it there on time.

After leaving the house, it started to drizzle. I couldn’t help but smile. I will have cool run.

Before I hit Km1, it started to pour really hard. Suddenly, I felt like I was part of a flash mob. All the people around me started running also. Pero, while I kept on running on an easy pace, everybody else around me was sprinting. Everybody took cover and I kept on running. I got funny looks.

Care factor = zilch!

The air felt cleaner. I loved skipping over puddles. Even if I increased my pace and the rain kept me cool.

When I  passed one building, somebody called out to me and asked, “Mam, no umbrella?” Without breaking pace, I answered, “Mahirap tumakbong may dalang payong.” Well, it is true. I really can’t imagine running with an umbrella.

Touchdown grocery : 3:61 Km : 27:39 : Not bad. 😀

Thank goodness it stopped raining a little after Km2 and that the nike dri-fit technology really works, 😀 I wasn’t dripping wet when I got to the grocery.

I’m looking forward to more rain run rin.


6 thoughts on “when was the last time you ran in the rain?

  1. i-balik ang mga addict sa takbo kahit umuulan, hahaha! at ibalik ang ganitong klase ng mga post!…. may nagtatanong…. anong soup ung lulutuin mo? may sabaw ba yun? tanong lang!, hahaha

    1. Moroccan carrot soup 😛 absolutely delish!

      Happy with the soup but absolutely thrilled about the run.

      This week i need to go a mas malayo grocery so I can log more kms.

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