Call me stupid

9/5/11 6:41 PM – I said, “Im officially excited about this whole running thing again. For a long time it felt like a chore. Let the madness begin again.”

And I truly was giddy happy to start running again.

I laced up the Prophecy and pulled my hair up in bouncy ponytail. Bouncy shoes, bouncy hair. Match!

On the way to the treadmill, I had a brief chat with K and we talked about the races we have lined up. Amped!

I was just going to do a slow and easy, walk/run 5k. Missed all of last week’s runs so I am really truly in full panic mode ON. Camsur is so near na.

The first 500m felt great.

And then I wondered, can my legs still do 6:00min/km pace? I wonder… I knew I shouldn’t. Maybe couldn’t na. Only stupid crazies do speed workout on new shoes. I was asking for trouble. Big time!

But I couldn’t resist the temptation. Curiouser and curiouser! I increased the speed. And flew! It felt great. Maybe a 4×400 is doable.

1st I was feeling no pain.
2nd I was breathing hard.
3rd My ankles were a bit wobbly.
4th Ahhhh pain! I *gasp* gotta
*whoosh* finish *pant*!!!

Tomorrow, I think I will go back to 5K walk/run.


Good night!

PS Still lovin’ my mizuno wave prophecy! I was worried at first kasi it’s higher and heavier than the usual pairs I wear. But it performed really well. Very stable. It hugged my ankles and arches so well.

Gnyt na talaga!



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