My Camsur 5K Plan

“Ha? 5K only?!?”

I’ve gone the full distance so I am not really surprised that some of my friends had this reaction when I said that I will join the 5K race in Camsur.

My answer, “And why not?”

Why not indeed. 

Unfortunately, I’ve been bitten by the tamaritis bug. After almost 2 years, I think I’ve finally shaken off the bug and have decided to return to training.

When I race, I prefer to train for it. I’m sick of coming to the finish line with just a goal to finish. Finishing is an achievement but I have tasted the sweetness of beating and setting PRs.

I want more! – Claudia





4 thoughts on “My Camsur 5K Plan

  1. Congratulations in advance. I am still proud of any runner doing any distance! 5k is still 5k. How I wish everyone is into running! Most likely I will get to see you on the shorter distances in upcoming races as I am still recovering from recent injuries after MILO. 😦 Since I can’t seem to give up running completely, short distances will have to do.

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