Running Down Under


I enjoyed my runs down under because:

– I loved the weather. Coming from our scorching summer followed by a very wet season, their 14-16C morning was such a treat.

– My route took me along a beautiful coastline. I couldn’t help but smile as I ran along Surfer’s Paradise. No pollution. Great view. Pure bliss!

Only thing I didn’t enjoy was this bit.


Yup! That’s over Php600 per kilo of banana!


3 thoughts on “Running Down Under

  1. wow, I live in Houston, TX, USA and i just bought bananas for $0.58 per pound….that’s about 10X’s cheaper… that’s just dirt cheap compared to over there

  2. Yea ever since that floods in Queensland, but .. a mars bar costs 3AUD yet people still buy a bar and never think its too expensive, and Bananas are far more nutricious! Missing Phil Bananas … sayang we did not get to catch up when you were here!

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