Rumbling thoughts, Rumbling tummy

Saturday after a short run…

“I brought 3 sets of running kits for a 6 day holiday.

What was I thinking?

Nothing good. Afterall, am I not scaring and freezing the sh*ts out of myself miles and miles from home.

Im scared about the cut off. Heck, all these skinny people running up and down Surfers Paradise scare me. They will trample me tomorrow and I will go home battered and defeated.

Doesn’t sound like me at all, eh?


Simple reason. I did not train for this race at all. Well not exactly true. I did a couple of half marathons and finished well within cut off of this race under the glorious Manila heat. The only reason I slacked off is because the last half left me with a ginormous blister and wobbly feet.

Still not proper training but at least I have some kms in my legs.

3 hours. Thats my target. My legs can do it. I think…

Where’s breakfast? I’m hungry.

Ahh great here it is. Don’t mind me too much. Empty stomach makes me wonky.”



7 thoughts on “Rumbling thoughts, Rumbling tummy

  1. That looks like a yum breakfast to run to! 😉 Kape na lang kulang!

    >>> oh there is coffee somewhere on the left. A skinny flat white = nonfat latte. :o)

  2. Bards! You probably don’t remember me, but I bump into you at times during races back in the Philippines (Amazing Kidney Race, among others). I recently moved to Brisbane from Cairns, and was thinking about running at the Gold Coast too, but chose to run my first marathon(!) in Sydney instead.

    Hope it went well. Cheers.


    1. Hey! I do remember you and yes especially sa Amazing Kidney Race.

      You have to do the GCAM. Super flat and great weather. Plus its such a competitive field that you have no option but to run and run fast. (well except for me, too bratty to give in to peer pressure. hahaha).

      Good luck on your first Full, is it the one on September?

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