active na active at the AKTV Run


9pm. Waahhh! The yellow ones are all in the gym or the office. Result of my failed attempts to lace up the whole week. The pink ones looked pretty inviting but I haven’t used them in over six months. It would be crazy to attempt a 21k run on it. The midsoles of the lunars are dead. It’s too late to go to Mega to grab another pair of yellows. Panic! And then tucked at the back, I spied my good ole trusty orange Precisions. We’ve had great runs together. They were retired and replaced by the yellow Precisions. Saved! I suppose they will do for tomorrow.

10pm. After resolving the drama, I started fixing my things. Costume, change costume, gel, shoes, bib, tape and bodyglide. Check! Time to go to lala-land.


12mn. Opened one eye and checked the time. I have 3 1/2 hours more. zzzzz

2am. Argh. Just wait for the alarm!!! ZZzzzZzzz

3am. I give up! Might as well get up.

Met up with Mesh and we made it to MOA with little time to spare.

4:45am. Strolled to the finish line and said bye-bye to Kit and Mesh. Or did I shoo them away? They are too fast and if I want to cross the finish line on my own two feet and not on a stretcher I knew I had to stay away from them.

Km 1 to Km4. My Goldilocks strategy worked so well and I decided to follow it again. I was doing fine. Bounced along nice and easy to Deekron’s Motion Traxx BPM 160.

Km5. Something kept digging into my right instep. I must have bungled my taping. I had to stop a couple of times to fix it. After the 2nd adjustment, I just decided to run with it. And yes, I called on Batman and left it all up to him. Poor Batman. Poor me, I ended up with a blister on my instep.

Oh and guess what I saw at the 10K turnaround point. 2 runners wearing 10K bibs waiting behind the turnaround marker. What the! As I was passing, I looked at them and asked politely, “So ano naman po ang ginagawa ninyo sa turnaround point?” It was 20minutes before the 10K gun start. I didn’t have to wait for their answer. Cheats!

Km6. Photogs at the turnaround point. I decided to power up a bit. I may post a slow time but at least I will have a good running shot. Haha! I hope Doc Marvin caught me on my upswing. Can’t wait to see the photos. Yihee!

Km7-8. It felt great to be running along Roxas again. The last time I ran at Roxas was when I ran my first Milo Full. It’s been awhile. It brought back happy kinda sad memories.

Km9. Once upon a time, I overtook not 1 but 2 Kenyans. True. Read it here (Overtaking Kenyans). So today, somewhere around Km9, I was so thrilled when I saw that the lead 10K Kenyan runner was right behind me. Todo na to! As he was about to pass me, I turned up the turbo, watched his feet and tried to match his stride. After 2 steps, he was gone, gone, gone. I almost had a heart attack. But it was fun. All 2 seconds of it. I now know how Wile E. Coyote feels. Back to the race.

Km 10-18. I think I zonked off here. Up and over 2 flyovers. I just kept waving and smiling at friends and random runners. One foot in front of the other.

Km 19-21. It was starting to get hot. I was still on target but my right foot is beginning to complain. Before I crossed the finish line, I saw Roselle and she ran with me to the finish line. Fun!  Then Let and the T2 girls were there cheering. Yipee! One more 21K under the belt. Slow and steady. I need to deliver a faster one and soon. Slower race = longer wait for breakfast. This cannot go on.

Another Half on Saturday, see ya kiddies!


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