Extra! Extra!

Last Friday, I was one of the lucky few who got invited to the launch of the Nike Free 2 Run+. The morning started with Nike peeps telling us all about the shoes and the development of barefoot running. That’s how the official event started.
My morning started with a phone call from Marc asking if I was coming to the launch.
Mine started with my phone going off at 630am. It just wouldn’t stop!!! Finally got up to answer the phone. It was Marc, asking if I was coming to the launch.

I said, “Yes.”

Then everything was a blur. Faster than Chipmunks audio on roids … they were already there … launch was at 6:30am. AM! Not PM!


My bad! I didn’t read the invitation and the text messages properly. Took note of the date and the venue. Saw the time and assumed it was in the evening.

Back to the launch … After the presentations, Coach Rio dela Cruz guided us through some warm-up exercises/drills to prepare us for our short run in our new shoes. There were a few new drills and they will be definitely included in my routine.

We ran 2 small BHS loops. I won’t review the shoes yet. I am loving the look and feel. Initial ride was impressive. Pero later na the review. For now they are still in the box. I don’t want them to get dirty yet.

Thanks to Marc and the Nike and Ogilvy team for the invite.

Fastforward to today, I was reading the Manila Bulletin and I saw a feature about Coach Rio. I recalled seeing him being interviewed after our short run. Nag-usyoso. He used to work pala sa MWSS. I can’t imagine him behind a desk. And then when I flipped to the next page…ta-da!

Extra! Extra! Errr read all about Coach Rio dela Cruz. Ako extra lang.


Stayed indoors today and chased hamsters for 30 mins. I also practised my breathing techniques. I’ve noticed that when I do my speed repeats, I end up gasping for air in the end. Sometimes I just can’t catch my breath. For today, when I did the faster intervals, I tried to breath a little slower. It helped to relax my upper body and made each stride easier. Also, whenever I inhaled I tried to picture my lungs expanding. Slow and easy tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t rain so I can take the Nike Frees for a spin.


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