2 is better than a big fat egg

Over dinner last week, we were talking how blogging has changed in the last year or so. Dati, when we do a long run, it’s blogworthy na. I remember, I even had posts about my speedworkout, my tempo run. Basta tumakbo, blog na.

I eventually stopped blogging about every single run. Kasi, nagsecret training. 😀 And then I stopped running.

Di na ako as crazy … borderline addict … as I was in 2008/09. Pero, I’m
slowly getting back and one of the things I’m bringing back is blogging regularly.

Running : Last week, I completed two (2) 1hr30min easy run. Easy runs are
getting easier again. I still walk lots. I’ve negotiated with myself that I
can walk whenever I cross streets. I was aiming for 3 runs but yesterday’s
wild weather kept me indoors.

For this week, I aim to run 3x and hit 2 hours. Im not killing myself over my pace…yet.

4 thoughts on “2 is better than a big fat egg

  1. i walk in all my runs over an hour 😀 makes the run more fun… and less tiring… and allows me to travel farther 😀

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