Barefoot Mom


BirthdayGirl said her nike free was already worn out. She wanted one of my old pair but I told her that with her bionic knees she shouldn’t risk even a little discomfort and even injury by using my worn runners.

I took her to Toby’s to check out some shoes. When I asked her what she wanted, she said, “I want red shoes, anak.”

Uy, extra challenge!

I remembered that Brooks Green Silence had a red and yellow version. But since this was truly an extra challenge, Toby’s didn’t have that color on stock.

In one of the racks, I spied Merrel’s Pure Love Chilli Pepper. After finding the right size and walking around a bit…Approved!

Mom is now officially part of the barefoot technology revolution.

Happy 77th birthday mommy!

Big thanks to Darryl of Merrel at Toby’s for assisting us. Excellent service!

Running: Slow and easy. Last week : 1 hr easy run x 2 and hamster speedworkout x 1.

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