Oh Bananas!


Hello there!

I’d better ‘fess up, I wasn’t this perkyhappy when I rolled out of bed at 430am last Saturday. But roll off and get up I must, I registered for the Raising Hope Run with the girls.

This is a small fund raiser race . I was happy to help out and get a workout also.

We arrived at the starting line with still a little time to spare. Before the race started, it started drizzling. Sweet! Overcast with a bit of drizzle, great running weather!

When I stepped off the starting line, I just zonked off and started running.

Big races with fireworks and all are fun but nothing beats small but well organised races. Even if I was running 5k, I had lotsa wiggle room.

I ran, chased a few rabbits and even walked a bit. Pushed hard during the last km for lil speedworkout. It was a great 5k race.

I crossed the finish line in 35mins. I was perkyhappy.


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