Let your feet lead you – Merrell


A new line of barefoot running shoes landed in stores today. Merrell officially started selling its barefoot collection at 10am.


At the official launch earlier this evening, Queenie of Merrel introduced us to the technology behind their new shoes.

The uppers has kevlar yarn (yup the stuff in bullet proof vests) so its designed to be more durable than other shoes. And no, I dont think these are bullet proof shoes. Haha.

Omni-Fit Lacing System…I like!
This means that these shoes have integrated laces, tongue and upper for secure wrap around fit. When I tried them on, I could feel that my DivaHighArches were well supported. This is my favorite feature.

Anti microbial
These shoes are designed to be worn even without socks. What about the funky smell? Anti microbial fiber will control shoe odor. Foot odor, still your problem boys and girls.

Vibram soles. It supposed to be designed to give more traction and 4mm eva cushioning is designed to help transition for breaking in. My main concern was the thin soles. I haven’t tried vibram so I am not familiar with technology. Barefoot Running Philippines’ Dave and Dindo said that although the soles are thin, it doesnt heat up due to friction. Running Atom who has a vibram confirms this bit. But according to Dave and Dindo just like running barefoot, you will feel the surface you are running on … peebles and all. Ay, I forgot to ask them if the soles are durable.

Test … more like a teeny weeny bite
I tried on a pair and ran for minute on the treadmill. Interesting. Good support on the arches. Can’t say much about stability and support over a longer distance. Like other shoes with barefoot running tech, it shifts you to midfoot to forefoot landing.

Interested? Do check it out at Merrel stores and let your feet lead you to the right decision.


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