running in a bubble

Going back to training is always hard. Seeing the count down to a target race can be daunting. It can make you wake up in a panic on a rainy Saturday morning. Spend an otherwise relaxing day debating between venturing out to log in a few kms or to nurse a cold.

This week was my test week. Sewing school is out. And my training plan is set. If I could stick to the plan for a week, then I will know I’m ready to start training again.

Even before, I find it easier to focus on running if I’m following a specific plan. Easy runs with friends are always fun but I usually need more to keep me going.

This week I was running in a bubble. Just me and the road. It was fun. I needed it. I have to find the runner in me. I needed to rediscover the magic of running.

I’m hitting my paces but I need more work to improve my endurance. Gargh!

Today, I joined RunRio Leg1. I incorporated yesterday’s missed workout. I hit my target pace. Yey! Not a PR but I posted better time today than in my previous 10k races.

More bubble runs this week…


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