CIHM : StupidMe Ran

I had a training plan for the Corregidor International Half Marathon but, to borrow a phrase from a fellow slacker, it fell victim to competing priorities. StupidMe should have decided not to race.

However, a 1h45min cut-off to the 10Km mark didn’t seem too hard. I was able to clock in a 32min 5K during the Grand Fiesta Run. If I could do the same, I’d have over an hour to complete the remaining 5km. Plus I’m already registered and have booked and paid for my accommodation. StupidMe decided to run the race.

on the ferry to the the rock with dingdong and aj

I traveled to Corregidor with Dingdong and MeshSub aka AJ. Fellow T2 Dingdong and I had the same average km per week. Zilch. Nil. None. Big fat zero.

After arriving at the island, we had a quick lunch. Very quick. Kasi look …

This was our Php200 lunch c/o Sun Cruises.

Saturday afternoon was spent exploring parts of the island on foot and having numerous photo ops.We couldn’t get to the interesting spots because we were late booking the tour. We didn’t mind, we knew that we will see all the sights during the race. We did stumble upon the Km20 marker. This gave us a hint of the wonderful (Read: Pain and torture) surprise we will experience before crossing the finish line.

Oh the opening night! I don’t have pictures! But you should have been there. It was fun! Oh what a sight! Edward came down from the hill on the zipline carrying a torch. Jinoe, Tuesday, Vanessa and I together with a few runners also held torches. We lit our torches from Edward’s torch and we all ran and lit a big big bonfire. When I’m old and gray, I can proudly say that I was part of the first ever opening ceremony of the Corregidor International Half Marathon.

To be continued…


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