Condura 2011 na, ibang usapan na ito


I love running Condura races.


I could easily say that it’s because

– it’s a race that contributes to the preservation of our marine heritage

– I’m doing it for the dolphins. I  mean how can you not run to help save and preserve them, right?

– they consistently deliver outstanding races

– great loot bag 🙂

But to be honest I have  an entirely different reason for loving Condura races.

I love love love it because for the past 3 years, I only have good memories their races. Oh and also because  whenever I run a Condura race, I post a PR. 🙂

I look forward to their races because I know that they deliver and provide all I need to run a good race.  Asa akin na kung papalpak.

Can I do it again this year? I will certainly try.

And I was quite thrilled to know that since I registered early, I was able to get into the first coral for the 10K. 

Condura na, ibang usapan na ‘to.

To register, visit their booth in front of the Asics store at Greenbelt 3. Register early because they have a limit per category. Oh and you can also register online at


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