Resort’s World : The Raffle Run : A big win for T2

November was a crazy month. I had very low mileage. Now I’m thinking that the number of words I can string together for a blog post is directly proportional to the number of kilometers I log.

Eniweis, one of the races I got roped into joining was the Resort’s World Grand Fiesta Run. Chartered flight for 4 to Singapore and passes to Universal studio was enough to persuade me to shell out money for the reg fee and run 5K.

Congratulationss to Takbo. ph. It was a good race. Aside from that crazy crossing in one of the rotundas, I think that this was a well-managed race. Ready to level up to organising a Full? Marshals and water galore. A real fiesta. I just hope no one who got caught in the traffic missed their flight.

I ran another 5. Well, actually I just chased another runner for 5k. 😀

The highlight of the race of course was not the race only. Almost all of the people who joined the race hang around to wait for the raffle. We were so sure we were going to win.

And we did! We did!

Keti – Won one of the minor prizes. Posted a 10K PR and was in the top 10 female 10K finishers.

Mesh – Won 1st place in the 10K category

T2 – We are back on the road. Triumphant. We miss our Boys and the 3 Mrs though. Boys and 3Mrs, come out come out and run with us again.

I felt like the biggest winner.  I scored a picture with Superman aka Marc Nelson. Q, I’m eternally grateful.


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