Who is Jean Clein?

Sam sent me a message to alert me about this FB user. This person is using my photo as his/her profile pic. I have reported this user but the account is still up.

Maybe the account has been abandoned since the last wall post was dated June 9. I have sent a few PMs to her “friends” in FB. One of them replied last Sunday, he said that he came across “her” when he was preparing for the Cebu Marathon. He said that he knows her as a blogger and a runner from Cebu. Sadly, he couldn’t remember the blog.

This photo is from an article by NY blogger Roman Espejo. I don’t know if this person used my photo on purpose or if this is an FB glitch. If she is indeed a blogger or if you know her, kindly help naman please. I don’t think that it’s fair for her to use my photo especially this one. I worked so hard to be able to stand and pose for this picture. I had to race for  4h37min and logged countless of kms to train for the race.


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