In five hundred twenty-five thousand. Six hundred minutes. How do you measure. A year in the life? – Rent

Offhand I would have said that year 3 was a bit crappy. A failed ultra and badly scarred right knee. However, as I went through my year 3 blog entries, I realised that I was SO WRONG.

Year 3 was amazing. A marathon PR to kick off my 3rd year in the city the never sleeps. A 10K PR. Paving the way for G and H to help out BrosD and a couple of ultramarathoners. Getting the writing gig with fR. Meeting and running with  Haile and so much more. I do feel blessed. Nega-trip, Banished!

I have a lot things to be thankful for this year. But most important of all, I am thankful for my friends who kept on nagging me to run. Haha. Slacker me enjoyed the break too much.

I know it’s time to focus on a race again and train.

Pero you know what, I also learned something very important this year. I maybe slacking off bigtime, but I also learned to find a healthy balance between my running and the rest of my life.

There were times kasi when I felt that as much as I love running, for the past 3 years, a lot of things in my life revolved too closely to running. It invaded my closet, my shopping habits, my social life, pati the way I eat and drink was dictated by my runs. Tiring. Even if I can talk about one million and one other things, people just talk to me about running. Don’t get me wrong, I could talk forever and a day about running pero sometimes I want to tell them also that there’s more to me than running.

These past few months, I have rekindled my love for sewing. I’ve rediscovered the joys of staying up late on Saturday nights. Lazy Sunday morning breakfasts minus the long run and other dami dami things.

I’m thankful for this year and looking forward to Year 4.

See you on the road and keep on running!


8 thoughts on “Three!!!

  1. Congratulations Bards! I have been so blessed to have met you on the road of life, literally and figuratively. And though we may not see each other physically…. it is good to know and keep in touch and be good netizens in cyberspace! Oh ha! Cyber neighbors! Who would have thought such a thing is possible!

    I still won’t forget the small gesture of helping me out at TNF100 with the candies. Truth? Sa banggag moment ko near the 67k at Burnham, I somehow misplaced the rest of it! So sorry! It did fuel us about 20 kilometers of that trail ultramarathon!

    I look forward to your blog entries. It’s good to have varied running bloggers to read up. Some who are serious with themselves and need to let down their hair more [teka, parang ako yun!], some who are fun to be with and run along with and some who are passionate to share about anything on running and what a world of difference it makes! In other words, world peace Bards! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Congrats on year three! Same here. Life has revolved a lot on running lately. Ganun siguro ocne you find your passion. You cant stop doing it. You’ll let go but you might find yourself running again.

    Do you sew baby clothes? Hehehe…

  3. Same here bards…i’m trying to fire up my old passions….will be back in running world soon but as of now..break muna. Balance between real life and running is still the essence..naks..(by the way im gaining some weight too hahahaha)

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