Adidas KOTR : Black Parade

In the beginning. I needed to race. I figured I should sign up for a big one to get me excited (and guilty if I entertain thoughts of DNS. The uber expensive race reg will be enough to get me up and going come race morning.)


After purchasing the Php850 race singlet … err registering for the race … I started training. It felt great to be back and training. CoachS and I started doing drills and I felt my confidence about my pace and form coming back. I even started my speed repeats. I loved training for this 5K. The long runs are not that long and I could easily fit in my runs into my schedule.

I was not shooting for the moon on this race. I just wanted to do an even 6min/km pace.

Wake up, it’s race day! I woke up at 4am. Waking up and getting up, two different things. It took me awhile to get up. I just stared at the ceiling. I could just run long with Kristine and Mesh. Nobody from T2 will be there, it won’t be fun. I’m scared. And then I remembered how much I paid for this race. I got up and put on my game face.

Race Venue. I arrived at BHS at 5:45. I knew I had plenty of time to duck to the CR for a worry-free run. Ack! All the CRs had kilometric queues, I was going to brave the portalets but couldn’t find any. I went to starting pens and was pleasantly surprised to find pace markers. I saw Tere near the 5min/km marker. I was tempted to join her but I read in her FB shoutout that she would be running at 5:3opace. I didnt want to crash and burn in the middle of it all so I decided to stay back. I positioned myself at the 6min/km pace. This is within my goal time and if I still felt strong, I could push harder.

People were still squeezing into the pen and going to the 5min pace marker. I was alternating between wanting to throw up and jumping up and down with excitement. I did notice an unusually huge number of bimpo-toting runners squeezing by but I was trying to focus and calm myself. Sus! The endless parade of bimpos should have alerted me that people were not going to follow the pace markers.

Go! After a 16min delay in the gun start, we were finally released. We shuffled to the starting line. Upon stepping on the mat, I expected to zoom. Instead I was stalled by a black wall not immovable but strolling calmly. Imagine the frustration of having to weave through walkers to breakout and run. I am a fan of walk/run strategy. I walk at races. But never from the starting line and I would never ever position myself at the front of pack if my intention is to walk. Gargh!!! I’m sorry. I didn’t want to rant too much and offend anyone. I even waited until today to write this blog but I’m still inis and frustrated.

Bye-bye TPO. Since I’m still getting used to running long again, I got a shuffle (na I call, TPO short for ThePinkOne). Eniweis, we ran from front of BHS straight and then to the side of Home Depot. Weave right. Weave left. Dodge pink bimpo. Dodge white good morning towel. Brake for Reyna Elena and Reyna Emperatriz having a chat.

And then, as if we didn’t have enough obstacles. When we turned right heading towards the schools, we had to share the road with the 10K runners. Bedlam!

A runner hit my hand or the wire of my headphones and TPO flew away. I slowed down and looked back thinking that I could still rescue TPO. It’s hot pink, surely I can spot it. But all I saw was black. Stampede! I said bye bye to TPO and stayed on pace.

When we approached the slight incline in front of the Japanese International School, the runners finally thinned out. Ah running on pace at last.

Breaks. Took a couple of breaks. The first break, I really needed because my legs were painful and I had a water break. The second break, I could have done without. I shoulda coulda woulda pushed more.

The End. I finished in 31:41. Not a PR. Close enough to my target.

I’m still happy with my time and the way I raced but also a bit frustrated. Overall, I was glad to be racing again. But I miss T2. I miss Biscocho.

Later I found out that this was an eXtribe  race. It didn’t feel like eXtribe. Or maybe I just felt that it was not a sulit race. At the very least they could have put up km markers. Hay at Php850, I expected more.


I thought I would be racing with the kings, I ended up joining a black parade.

Breakfast. Met up with Kristine and Mesh after the race. We ran and walked back to Ayala. Breakfast at Bizu fixed everything. CPA with liver, yum!

8 thoughts on “Adidas KOTR : Black Parade

  1. I feel for your loss of TPO. Hay, I hope they learn from this experience. Like I shared on my FB earlier, they ought to consider having separate running routes for the different races categories so that runners do not bump into each other.

  2. At least you had a good after-race-breakfast with good friends, Bards… Buti nalang we forgot to register early and got shut-out in the 21k event and contented ourselves with being king of our village roads that sunday. hahaha As you said, on the the next race… -Mariel 🙂

  3. Big races are nice but not really the best place to gun for a PR. You can treat it as a fartlek workout worth P850. hehhe

    1. 2GB ba Bards? That’s 5K na din pati registration fee mo 😦 I got mine for free as redeemed points from a credit card issuer, but I never use it for runs baka nga masagasaan ako 🙂

  4. kaguluhan nga yung overlap ng mga runners! pero overall e i think it was a nice running event 😀 sorry about TPO though…

  5. mariel – super good luck sa NYC. and yup, if you wanted race pace run you would have been a bit frustrated too. masikip din daw.

    marcoparco – fartlek! mismo. mahal lang.

    joe – ey! you raced too. 🙂 i suppose it was. frustrated lang ako. super excited.

    cecil – shuffle only. but still… hay!

    hindi na ako that frustrated and friends, sabi nga ng credit card commercial…

    racing again … PRICELESS! 🙂

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