sunday runs

In the past few months, the running scene in Manila has been so hectic and borderline chaotic. We have races every weekend sometimes even 2 or 3 races. Gone are the days when you have to eagerly await the next race. Note: Not complaining at all, Hokey. This is just an observation.

Eniweis, T2 girls had a quiet run this morning. No races. Well, just one, the usual race for breakfast. We finished 8K at a leisurely pace and enjoyed a quiet Sunday run.

Maybe the rest of the running community are all in CamSur. We did see NYBound TBR, Miguel and the PinkSoleMate. KGirls B and C were also logging miles.

After our run, we raced to breakfast. A not so quiet breakfast. Our pace and mileage might have changed but our breakfast will stay the same. Fun and full of chika about everything and nothing.

Ohhh and I just have to share this with you. On our way out of BHS, I saw this sign. Muji is coming to BHS!!! :o) 


2 thoughts on “sunday runs

  1. I was suppose to be in Camsur this weekend too. Alas, there are things that came up making me unable to make it. Such is life. Um, can you enlighten us about Muji? Or will Google be our best friend and I just look it up myself 🙂

    I am really glad that there are many races that are happening these days. I do hope that it will be sustained and that there will be more and more people taking up running as a regular form of exercise. I also hope that more graduate beyond the fun run category and move towards longer distances.

  2. ay sayang! But thats the beauty of having lotsa races, easy to find a replacement. Although i have to admit that on the flip side, it makes races less special. easy to replace.

    Oh Muji, they have nice notebooks. I like notebooks. But they sell lotsa other fun stuff. Good place for browsing around.

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