a tail tale

Last Monday, T2 girls received this text from me. “I think I’m growing a tail …”

Don’t ask me how, but I instinctively new that something is wrong with my coccyx and I probably have a pinched psiatic nerve. Hay, random knowledge lumped together with umlaut and aglet.

Standing and climbing up was such a pain.

I found an article written by Gabe Mirkin, M.D.   Click here to read the article.  I did the test he described in his article and wasI was so happy I could rule out piriformis syndrome.

“If it hurts to touch a point that’s in the middle of one side of your buttocks, you probably have piriformis syndrome. This chronic condition is very difficult to diagnose, because other injuries may produce exactly the same symptoms. Similar pain may be the result of an injury to bones, muscles, tendons, bursae (pads between the tendons and bones), the hip joint, or the sciatic nerve, but there are ways to determine from which condition you might be suffering.

If you feel most pain when you land after hopping on one leg, you might have an injured hip joint or a stress fracture in your pelvis or upper leg bones. An x-ray will usually reveal a joint injury, but only a bone scan will reveal a stress fracture.

If you feel pain in your buttocks, particularly when you touch your toes while keeping your knees straight, you might have a tear in the large muscles or tendons that run down the back of your hips.

If you feel pain when you touch a spot that’s either on the lowest point of your pelvis (the part that touches a chair when you sit) or at the top of your femur (thigh), you might have injured your bursae (bursitis) or torn the tendons that are attached to bones at these sites.

If your back hurts, particularly when you bend backwards, and the pain goes down the back of your leg to below your knees, your sciatic nerve is probably being pinched in your back.” Bingo! This is it!

I was due for realignment (I have a shorter leg syndrome) with Ferdie so I was hopeful that this was something he could easily fix. Ferdie fixed my leg and then I complained about my painful tail. 2 pops and he said I was good to go. Fixed.

It was still painful.  😦 He said that it is expected because the swelling needs to go down.

When I woke up on Tuesday, I was so glad that the pain was gone.

I’m blaming the hills we ran last Sunday.

Running : Tuesday  – 3.5km (tried 30/30s – hard). Wednesday – 7Km easy.


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