had it been a tuesday, i would have turned back

First run for the week makes me a little worried. After 2 days rest, I am unsure if I will have delayed soreness. If crazy workout (like running up a killer hill) will make me suffer.

We started our run nice and easy. The tall buildings interfered with garmin comms so we were running by feel.

When we hit the village, I saw a black cat on my right. “Kitty cat, don’t cross.” It did. Sprinted across. “Please let me still have a good run.” Yup, you guessed it right. I’m a bit superstitious. If it was Tuesday or if I was running solo, I would have really turned back or backtracked. Nothing good really happens on Tuesday, at least in my world. I will have to do a post on that *rambling sorry*.

And so on we went, garmin finally got signal. Pace, slow. Just the way I like it.

When we hit fruity street, somebody had a bright idea. “Let’s run to the playground and see our friends.” 6Ks in, Im already a bit dehydrated. So I said, “Why not.”. Another suggestion, “Let’s run the inclines.” “Oh yes, let us!”. I’m not sure now if I was the one who suggested that.

We walked and ran to the playground and it was fun. Legs were feeling great. Light and strong.

At the playground we got some drinks and walked around a bit. Xtn and Keti dropped off.

Eat or run back to base?

We ran 9K already. And my legs were fine. As much as I wanted some tuna salpicao over hot rice with ice cold coke on the side, I wanted to run more. Running never felt this easy. Hasn’t been for the last couple of months.

We ran back to base for 4 more kms.

Maybe kittycat wanted to warn me that I will end up running longer than usual.

It was a good run! May there more runs like this one. Thanks Xtn, Keti and Art.

We ran a total of 13K.


2 thoughts on “had it been a tuesday, i would have turned back

  1. at least you have extra kms in your pocket already. thanks for the run, sorry to bail, next time let’s just run back and i will cook fish salpicao at home for our dinner na lang hehehe

    1. it was a good run. sayang lang the tuna salpicao. another day texas roadhouse! ohhh or you can cook for us also. wait, can you cook before the run please. 🙂

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