121910 @ The Rock

Let us run 21Km up and down an island known also The Rock.

First killer climb on the first kilometer.

The Organisers said that this will be a celebration of all the races you have joined this year. They said that this is how you get to validate your past performances.

I say, “Liars!”  

This will be hard! Think running up and down Mckinley Hill only longer. This will separate the strong from the weak. The trained and the untrained.

They also said that they will make it fun and a celebration for a year of running.

I say, “Amen!”

I do thank them for giving me a taste and glimpse of this race. It got me started running again.

You only get to stare down the barrel (a very big one) if you are safe from the sweepers at the halfway point.


5 thoughts on “121910 @ The Rock

  1. kassy – we gotta weigh less talaga for this one. haha kumusta that P90X workout? im back to bodybalance and running but next week na siguro ulit strength training.

    B – im waiting pa rin for the official press release. baka by end meron na. running up there was fun. not too hot kahit na the test run was at 11am.

  2. ay sayang! but i have to admit that for awhile i thought, pede naman ah. Ferry leaves the island at 2pm, docks at 330. If there is a 6pm flight to cebu you be back on time. Then i realised, you be too tired to party. hehe

    Dont worry i heard that this is only the first of many. Ü

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