Running in the Year 2010: Mary Grace, Remus, Alexander, Kassy and Eric

In his blog entry, The Austerity of Small Races, fellow blogger Vener was reminiscing about the simplicity of races past. And now I wonder, has the running boom improved road racing? Has it contributed to the sport?

Mary Grace

She is Cebu’s most dominant long distance runner and last June she brought glory to our country by placing 2nd in the women’s 21k category of the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon with a finish time of 1:26.02.

Although she is quite young and relatively inexperienced, she dominated road races in Cebu for the past two years. One of those who took notice of Delos Santos was Toby Claudio, the founder RUNNR. He first met Delos Santos in Cebu in November last year. Soon after she was taken on by Newton Running as the shoe brands’ first sponsored athlete in the Philippines. Her race entry and travel to the KL Marathon was sponsored by Toby Claudio, RUNNR and Newton Running.

Thank you guys for making this possible. Thank you for taking running in the Philippines and our elite runners to the next level.

More! More! More!

Remus and Alexander

The running is community is mourning loss of these runners. It is very sad that these tragic events could have been prevented by a little more planning on the part of the race organisers.

With escalating registration fees, us runners do expect that the basics of road racing is delivered. Water. Safe route. Accurate Distance. Accurate Timing. Sounds simple, right?

For now, let’s it keep safe guys. After a couple of races without water, I stopped complaining and started carrying my own hydration. If you can, carry your own hydration or have a support team who can supply you with water and electrolyte drinks. Be sure that you prepared for your race. Training is very important. If you encourage your friends to take up this sport, be responsible and ensure that they too know the basics about running – training, hydration, nutrition, injury prevention etc.

I do hope that finally our race organisers are taking notice.

No more! No more! No more!

Kassy and Eric

Road races have become a vehicle to promote and raise funds for various charities. We can run and give back in our own little ways. A couple of friends are doing their best to give back and go the distance at the same time.

Kassy will be running her 2nd marathon in December in Singapore. To make her 2nd marathon more meaningful, she decided to run for the Maple Tree Foundation.

Maple Tree Foundation’s vision is to help deprived and underserved mountain communities live healthy, productive, and peaceful lives with sustainable resource development programs that provide basic services, livelihood development, and education.

Click here to find out more about Kassy’s run.

Eric is probably one of the first runner/bloggers who saw running as a way to give back to society. His newest project is Run To Read race on 15 August 2010 at The Fort. The run will be composed of 4 major distance events; 3KM, 5KM, 10KM, 15KM and a 500-meter dash for kids and their moms or dads.

Click here to registration details.

There is not enough public libraries to serve millions of students, currently there are 688 public libraries of all types and there should be more. The lack of facilities is even compounded by the fact that a significant number of these libraries are under-funded, understaffed, poorly equipped, or in bad physical condition forcing it to stop functioning. Let us help Eric and the people behind this worthy cause  raise funds to build and restore libraries for less fortunate communities in various parts of the Philippines.

More like this! I like it!

I suppose just like everything in life, we have to take the bad with the good. The races have more pizzazz, whiz-bang kabloom! We have in-country most of the things we used to read only in Runner’s World. Hey, we even have Runner’s World and better yet, our very own running magazine, frontRunner. With each race we join, we are sometimes even able to contribute to a worthy cause and promote our favorite charities. Photovendo, my personal favorite innovation, has immortalised our triumps and pains. And thanks to Toby Claudio, Runnr and Newton Running, we have started to expose our elite runners to the international running scene. However, lapses of races past are beginning to catch up with us also. With the death of Remus and Alexander, these lapses can no longer be ignored and tolerated. I have to agree with what Raymund said in his blog entry, Waiver of Liability Not Accountability, there should still be people who are responsible and accountable.

Keep on running guys and be safe!

And on your next run, do try and say a little prayer for Remus and Alexander.


2 thoughts on “Running in the Year 2010: Mary Grace, Remus, Alexander, Kassy and Eric

  1. bards, here in metro manila alone, we got a lot of good runners if given attention, proper training and support who could even surpass the performance of mary grace. it a good sign that there are people supporting promising runners like mary grace.we could dominate international running events ala kenyans.

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