She Bangs!

I will so regret this when I start training tomorrow.

Let’s run away from life together
Let me run away from life with you
Let’s run away from life together


13 thoughts on “She Bangs!

  1. haha! yes TRAIN! been slacking for so long. But i’ve enjoyed the break naman, so no regrets. Tanx for the tip, will get a bunch of clips.

  2. haha thanks guys. I just hope i dont end up running into a poste or pader because of the long bangs otherwise talagang She Bangs na, She Dagasa and She Plakda pa.

  3. cute bards! I so wanted to have bangs like that, then I said after Milo na…now, after PAU na, then after Camsur na…Other than hairclips you can use small elastic bands then tie them together until it binds with the longer hair.

  4. jet – 🙂 hey hope youve recovered na from Milo.

    mesh – haha i dont have to tell you how much i love love love running again.

    rod – uy meron na talaga like button dito sa wordpress 🙂 thanks!

    tin – go for it! you wear a cap naman eh. 😀

    nora – told eric i couldnt go, i had another thingie. sayang nga eh. next time 🙂

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