slightly wicked

As we approached the first incline along Lawton, Vicky slowed down to a walk. I slowed down a bit, waited for her and said, “Let’s wait for the 2.5km turnaround before we start our walk/run. “

Whenever I feel that she is tempted to walk, I would keep on telling her that we need to keep on bouncing along. Slacker legs have to get used to the running motion again.

I kept a steady prattle as we continue to run along our treelined route.

After a quick water break at the turn around point, I hustled her to start running again and said, ” We are only doing 5. We can’t afford too much rest.”

Since I promised walk breaks on the return trip, I kept on renegotiating by saying, “Let’s run up to that hump and then walk.” Or “Let’s run here. This is downhill. We can just walk the uphills.”

The prattle continued. My running narrative ranged from running techniques, to the houses on our route and even a quick analysis of our last km. I said, “This section is not really really too bad if you break it up into uphills and downhills. ” Chit chat to get us through our last km.

We were both surprised that even with our walk breaks, we were still maintaining a good pace.

Pretty soon we reached the last 100ms and I sped up, yelling “I’ll see you at the gate.”

When I reached the gate, I was beat.

I was gasping for air.

My legs were screaming bloody murder!

But I was triumphant!

Because Vicky was able to run a good 5K?


I was ecstatic because I ran a good 5K! Call it running displacement. Running transference. Whatever works. Yesterday, Vicky got a healthy dose of my internal dialogue while running. My mind and body was not very enthusiastic to run yesterday. My legs felt like lead. It was starting to get hot when we started running. Crappy all over.  But I was up, dressed, laced up and at BHS. Run, I must.

When I was pushing Vicky in our run, I was actually pushing myself harder. I couldn’t push her and not go the speed/distance also. I have to admit, Vicky and I are in both in bad shape. Our mileage are down to pfft! However, we were able to have a good run yesterday.When she was huffing and puffing, I was, too. Just a little quieter. 😀 When her legs were screaming, my legs were screaming with hers.

Slightly wicked. Sorry Vicky! I do hope you felt you had a good run, too. See, we can do it pa naman on pace eh. 😀

Total Weekly Mileage: 15km


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