baby steps

After two weeks without logging a single km, I was feeling down and heavy. Very heavy. Last Monday, Tin and I went out for a 5K easy. I needed to test how many kms my left ankle can handle.

We started out easy. I was very careful. I was waiting for any twinge or tightness. It felt great to hit 1km without pain. The next km will be downhill and I was extra careful. I didn’t want to run too fast. When we hit our 2.5km turnaround, I was a bit breathless because Tin and I have increased our pace to 6:30ish.

We rested a bit at our designated pit stop and got some drinks.

Going back up was not easy but it felt good. I was sweating. It really felt good to sweat out 2 weeks of inactivity.  Running a 5 never felt to soooo good! 5K is always a good place to start. Baby steps baby

Weekly Mileage : 5km.


4 thoughts on “baby steps

  1. Congratulations! Lately, I’ve learned to enjoy short distances again as I got a minor injury in my left calf that simply won’t go away. It’s good to read that you’re running again. Say, are you the one drawing all the things posted in your blog like the one in this entry?

  2. thanks timmy!

    Wayne – so true! See you in Nov. ü

    B – hinay-hinay sa long run and get that calf checked. And yes, art work is mine. I love to doodle.

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