what i think about when i can’t run

When can I run again?

Gawd, why am I not missing running.

Wednesday afternoon. Long run. I can’t. What am I gonna do now?

Wandering around on a Friday afternoon. Officemate asked, “What are you up to?” I stare wide eyed and say, “I would normally be doing speed repeats. I feel lost.” *bawl*

Now I have more time to watch movies. Too much time, I think,  watched 3 movies in 1 week.

Downs a coke in can. How am I gonna burn this quickly?

When can I run again? Runs a bit. *Ouch*

Hello Precision, Hello Precision2, Hellow Lunars, Hello Newton. *bawl*

Surely I can run again after 1 week rest.

If I can’t paw and claw. *bawl*

If I was planning to run Milo I’d be going crazy right about now.

I’d better race soon. These gels are about to expire.

Ankle swelling … Be Gone!

I miss running …


4 thoughts on “what i think about when i can’t run

  1. I feel for you. This too shall pass. The best I can do is encourage you and pray for you, which I just did just now. I prayed for a faster recovery and patience as you keep yourself distracted with other things.

  2. Have you killed anybody yet? Hows the mood swings ? How many of the house hold helps did you get rid off ? but seriously i can imagine what is going through your head it must be driving you crazy to being a Ms. Hyde.
    Give it some time your foot WILL get better and when it does you will be hungry for a race and a great PR.
    Take it easy, regards

    Raul Patrick Concepcion

  3. bards, watch any DVD movie about running or read a book about running or read your collection of back issues of the runner’s world magazine or better yet review your old blog posts on how you were able to finish your past marathons..i am sure you’ll be motivated again to go back on the road..good luck!

  4. B – aw! sweet. thanks.

    Pat – mood swings are not yet bad. but i really feel so lost.

    BR – good idea! 😀 will also use this time to draw up my evil plans

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