Last week, I adjusted my rest break and was able to hit my 800s repeats pace. The following day I went for an easy run with Kathy and Art. I was ecstatic. This is it! I really thought that I would be able to do all my training runs for the week. Then disaster hit. I tripped, fell and ta-da! Sprained ankle with scraped knee on the side. I was still able to walk/run back to the gym.

Friday was the worst day ever. I woke up and my left foot felt and looked like

it was a size bigger than the right foot. I had half a tennis ball growing out of my ankle. Panic!

A visit to Dr Chu-Uy and her needles on Saturday helped to bring down the swelling.

I’m now twiddling my thumbs. Waiting for the swelling and tenderness to go away. Waiting for my scraped knee to heal. Waiting for the day when I can run again.

Maybe this weekend…


10 thoughts on “stalled

  1. Bards! Sorry to hear bout you getting a scraped knee and a sprained ankle. I know how you feel, since I already fell on two road races and had my knees, arms and even my chest scraped during the Condura 42k and the National Geo run. No wonder you haven’t been blogging for some time. Anyway, enjoy the time that you are resting. And we’re still looking forward to your new runs. Sana you can join the Milo run this July.

  2. Keti – thanks for walking back with me. Next week, sana…

    B – thanks B! This is not fun at all. Remember my scraped knee from TNF. Well, it finally healed and then now… Its bloody again hay! Poknat galore. Thanks for the comment to blog again pala. Been so tamad kasi nga zero mileage.

  3. BroJ – Thanks! Im not getting ready, not getting ready for a Full. Maybe 10 or 21 only.

    Thanks Mariel. It sucks. big time. 😦

    Wayne – Thanks Wayne. Tell us when you are coming over. Will be you be staying long enough to join the QCIM?

    Lester – Salamat! and yes from now on, I promise never to close my eyes while running. 😀

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