Nature Valley Run : What the Dickens?

"It was the best of times,
it was the worst of times ..."
- A Tale of Two Cities 
This is a first for T2. First time to stop in the middle of a race for a group picture.

I probably registered my worst finish time yesterday but I had so much fun I wouldn’t trade it in for a PR. Wait! For a Mari-level 1:31 Half …maybe.

Kathy, Vicky, Kristine and I all registered for the race. However, the newest archenemies of running – work and weather – got in the way of training. A few well timed text messages sealed the deal. We will be running at the Nature Valley Run and bounce along and just complete the distance. We planned to do a 9 min run : 1 min walk ratio to break off the race in manageable chunks.

It was great to be out there and running. It was great to see running friends. It was a good thing that we were blessed by cloudy weather and not punished with scorching hot morning for being such lazy runners. Best of all it’s great to be running with T2 again. Wish the rest could join us, too. Soon siguro. I only regret that the turn around point at Heritage was a few meters short of our ManangTaho so we weren’t able to make a pitstop. I was able to make up for it by buying coke and spanish bread at the bakery along Bayani Road.

Congratulations to the team behind Nature Valley Run, as one of the last runners who crossed the finish line, I can say that we had sufficient water and marshals. Even the cheerers stayed at the finish line to welcome us, with matching pom-poms. I was so surprised that we still received complete loot including the uber awesome Haagen-dazs ice cream. The organisers didn’t leave us to fend for themselves. I actually quite envy the last runner who was followed by an ambulance and motorbikes as she completed her final kms.

Thanks for the pic Ting! I always break for the cam.


10 thoughts on “Nature Valley Run : What the Dickens?

  1. You’re not the only one who had the worst time for a 21k distance. I too just enjoyed the route and registered close to three hours! No matter, I enjoyed the company of another runner as we were both doing a recovery run after our Dream Marathon just a week ago in Nuvali! It was nice to see you on the road! Hope to see you on the road again! 🙂

  2. Bards, is that Kathy with you? Miss her at the BR clinic, need more girl power there.

    Gusto ko tuloy ng spanish bread at coke. Try ko yan next time =)

  3. …saw the convoy that accompanied the last finishers at the buendia flyover on the way home and i have to agree that the race was one of the better ones…an apple in a basket of race oranges… kudos to the organizers…and congrats on a happy finish!

  4. Ako din, I registered my worst 21K time.

    But, like you, I was happy because I’m back running races again. It was also nice seeing friends along the route (as in dumadami na kaway kaway moments ko, unlike before wala talaga akong kilala). And it was nice to be pampered by Runrio (medals, hassle free loot bag claiming, and ice cream!).

    I can’t wait to see the pictures.

    Congrats, Ms Bards, for another successful finish! 😀

  5. Hi Bards!

    It was great seeing you ladies enjoying your run/walk 😉

    See you (again) on the road!


  6. B! – good to see you again last Sunday!

    Tin – yup thats Kathy. We all miss going to BR clinic. not enough time kasi. sana may Makati sessions din *hint hint*

    SR – wow! fresh of a marathon and racing again. hope you had a good recovery run. I think Rio cooked this one just fine. saktong-sakto lahat ng elements. Galing!

    lester – it was chikka run all the way 😀

    ray – 😀 if you had more food with you last sunday, we would have made you run our pace or relieved you of your goodies hehe. ang saya pala ng pace na ganun. haha i suppose i shouldn’t enjoy it too much. will start racing again soon …

  7. Thanks for staying with us the whole time 🙂 Hahaha!
    The ice cream was superb!!! Until the next run…

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