Race with an age limit?

I remember a little race in a little city that created a big kabloom in 2008. It was 21K race initially for MEN ONLY because the organisers originally “felt that there might be very few or no female participants at all.” Click here and here to read related blog entries. Bloggers and runners united and made a stand. Female runners participated and triumphed in that race.

Now there is this race called Team Woman Run 2010 by Lactacyd. I rarely complain about a race before the event. I never complain about a race I will not join. Until now. After reading the PR material on this race in a few blogs and clarifying the information with a friend who attended the launch I’m officially not bewitched just bothered and bewildered.

Lactacyd in it’s PR material invites Women to “Gather together your sisters and friends to form a team of three or four individuals, and be part of this year’s Woman Team Run. Woman Team Run is an all-woman team relay for females ages 18 to 35.”

Why did they put an age limit? There is a 5K category open to all ages but I still don’t understand why they had to put a cap on the age of the 21K relay runners. Why are they opening the race to 18 – 35 yo runners only. I note that some of their ambassadors are in their 40s.

Of course, it is a given that women love to be fashionable. A Best in Costume Award will be awarded to the team who adds the most flair to their running outfits. Criteria will be made up of originality, creativity, use of Team Woman singlet, and overall impact…At the end of the race, a team composed entirely of women will be chosen to become ambassadors of Woman by Lactacyd.

If their intention is to have a go-see, that is perfectly fine. Century Tuna did it successfully without alienating runners of all shapes and sizes. Pinay In Action allow male runners. Those who participate know that they are in the race to support the women in their lives.

It is sad that at this point in the running boom in the Philippines, a race supposedly for women, would disallow runners from joining a race category because they are TOO OLD. That is disrespectful!

The PR material said that, “Woman by Lactacyd understands the needs of a woman with an active lifestyle. As its tagline goes, only Woman Knows a Woman, made to keep up with you.”

Woman by Lactacyd claims to understand the needs of a woman but they do not know the women running now. Oh and  women can finish a 21K solo. E-a-s-i-l-y!

The PR material opened by asking, “What better way to celebrate a woman’s strength than with an all-woman run?”

An all-woman run of all ages, sizes and shape is the best way to celebrate a woman’s strength.

25 thoughts on “Race with an age limit?

  1. I do hope the sponsors realize that majority of those who join the races are in their 30s and 40s, and hardly anyone below 20 joins, so you’re right, they may be alienating their target market and the race might backfire on them.

  2. We can’t even apply as GROs anymore (what with that “with pleasing personality” requirement added on pa to the 18-35 age limit) and now we are not allowed to join the 21K event because we are TOO OLD??! Way to go Mr. or Ms. Marketing Manager! I guess they don’t really want this lola’s business. They can K-I-S-S-O-U-R-F-A-S-T (and may i say cleaned by another feminine wash!) A-S-S goodbye then!

  3. this just in 18-45 na daw. they are missing the point eh?
    buti na lang by virtue of my friendship with morey, I support ate shawie.

    1. I saw the ad for this and I was surprised there was an age limit. and I was waiting for you guys to make a fuss. Maybe you should let this one happen para they will realize that a running event will never succeed if there’s an age limit. Actually I was surprised din you weren’t one of the running ambassadors

  4. Good thing they rectified the oversight. Game, sali na kayo nina Mesh, et al and show them what a real Team Woman running team really is. 🙂

  5. Ei bards! wag ka na mairita. 😉 I am sure the people behind this race means well pa rin naman. It’s just that maybe, the said age range is basically the demographics of the product. The fact that they stretched their limit to 45 y/o (instead of 35) means they are willing to adjust din. They might have their very own valid reasons naman why they have that as a guideline. And for sure, they were not totally alienating naman older women and men for that matter. Sa launch nga even men were in attendance and given equal importance. ako naman here lang to give a different perspective. i’m 39 y/o btw and was able to run a couple of 21ks before getting pregnant again. 😉 see you soon!

    1. ambassador vimz 😀 this is my last hirit.

      I edited my reply to your comment several times. I had to curb my tendency to be flippant as I felt that it would detract from the issue at hand.

      I do not know if female runners over 46 care or even read my comments about this race. I do not know if there are 46yo and above female runners who are interested to participate in this race. I only know that as a woman, a runner and a blogger I cannot let little things like this slide and go unnoticed. I would be shortchanging myself, my sport and my lifestyle.

      Adjusting the age limit does not address the issue. They are so focused on their target market that they are forgetting that they are rallying under the banner of WOMEN STRENGTH. Limiting participation in a race category to an age bracket disrespects the ability, will and strength of women 46 and older.

      A woman comes in all ages, shapes, sizes and color. Her strength is enhanced rather than diminished by age.

      1. bards (or shouldi call you gabi for gabriella??? lol!),it’s a sign na you must still love me more (the fact that you have several versions of your reply). haha! yaan na nga natin ang issue na ito. una, di naman tayo makakatakbo here (ay ako lalo!) and last of all, sabi mo nga, no age limit na. ayos na yan! shhh, di ba ikaw ang ambassador? haha! 😛

  6. bards! out of age range ako?!? hmmm… over 45 is not their market anymore? did i just admit my age.

    natakot sayo, they took out the age limit, hahaha!

      1. Um, by the way Bards, the pharmaceutical company says this er, nether regions wash is designed both for young women at puberty through to post-menopause. So the case for product-demographics focus is … hogwash 🙂

  7. dapat wala pa rin age limit, when i first started racing I aim to outrun a 72 year old man, when I had outrun that man, my next aim is to outrun a 56 year old woman who had outrun me three 10K races already, im 26 years old, I had new goals already bcoz I already outrun them.

  8. hi bards mainit ang ulo mo, palamig na lang sa beach, baka dun pwede mga lola, hahaha. joke lang. Hope to see you on the road soon. Regards to t2 gang!

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