May-June frontRUNNER

Check out the cover of the newest frontRUNNER Magazine!

The May-June issue will be out this weekend. frontRUNNER is available at National Bookstore, FullyBooked, Booksale Bookstore branches nationwide, ROX BHS and Secondwind.

I’m excited to see this issue. I heard that they have a new gfx team.


7 thoughts on “May-June frontRUNNER

    1. And no Arial fonts in sight (at least on the cover) ha ha. But are the beads of sweat real, or spray-on? (the downside of fashion photography)

  1. B – Yey!
    Cecil – haha i don’t think so. I doubt if the Sabals break sweat at pace slower than 3:00ish min/km. Ako naman, I was more interested to know if light brown talaga eyes ni Cris. Hay papagalitan na naman ako nito kay EdBos.

    1. Ling – Uy excited, sa weekend pa! Btw, visited your blog. Saw your blogroll too, and it’s great to see lotsa Cebu runners are also blogging and spreading the love for running hehe

  2. bards, suggested topic ko lang to, ha. can somebody feature my mom’s “paisano” Roy Vince? He used to dominate Milo Marathon and was our country’s representative in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games.

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