4th Men’s Health ATR: I’m Back!

1) With Vince & Kristine (2) Can you see me? Can you see my smile? Yes, I was giddy happy to be running off road again. Thanks Jeremy for the pics (3) Breakfast with T2. Great race. Great breakfast. (4) It was hot and dusty but I had FUN. I even pushed a little near the end.

Yesterday I was up and ready to run … early.

2:30am. Really early.

I guess I was just one of the many runners and bikers eager to join the 4th Men’s Health All-Terrain Race. I’ve tried the 6Km route a couple of weeks back and I was eager to go further and cross the river a few times.

When we arrived at Nuvali, the race grounds was starting to fill up with runners and bikers. The organisers restricted the number of participants to 500 runners and 500 bikers and I think they met their quota.

Having joined TNF Nuvali early this year, I knew that the 10K will take us through paved road, dirt roads and grasslands. I was comfortable with these terrain. It’s the river trail that always freak me out a bit.

This will be the first trail run for Kathy, Essie, Kristine and Vince. I wished that they would enjoy it. And if they don’t, I prayed that they would consider our years and kms together and restrain themselves from killing me after crossing the finish line.

We were supposed the run together. However, when we got to the starting line, Vince caught the race bug and positioned himself front and center. Kathy, Essie, Kristine and I stayed at the middle of the pack.

When the starting gun was fired, a rush of red overtook us. Decked in pink and blue, we bounced along at 7:30ish pace. When we hit the trail, we started overtaking some runners who started too fast or unfamiliar to off road running. The girls were doing fine. Although, I did hear Essie calling out our pace every now and then.I told her that pace register differently when running trail. I wasn’t fibbing! It really does register faster.

But I will confess to something, once we hit the trail, I automatically went on mark-and-chase mode. I couldn’t help it! Sorry! I promised to keep pace with the girls but I was sooo happy to be running off road again. Running. Not climbing.

Vince was gallantly waiting for us just before the river crossing. I thought about waiting it out with him but the river trail beckons. I waved goodbye took on the river trail. The section we were running was more challenging than the TNF Nuvali route. Crossing the river was actually refreshing. I walked when I wasn’t confident with my footing and ran when I could.

After the river it was mostly rolling dirt road to the finish line.

I think 10K is my happy trail distance. I get to do the technical bit of the route and still finish before I feel *blech*.

T2 decided not to kill me. I think deep down they enjoyed it. 😀 I think the second breakfast and sugar rush from the all the cake we ate at Conti’s helped.

Good route. Water when we need it. The distance is a bit short. Free breakfast. Everything was just right. Great race!

Congratulations to the Men’s Health Team. See you next year!

From the MH Team: The 4th Men’s Health All-Terrain Race was made possible by co-presenter Keen, sponsors Cherifer Premium and Emperador Light, and registration partners Akt!v Stores and ROX. Special thanks to NuVali, the home of the 4th Men’s Health All-Terrain Race, and to our official radio partner Magic 89.9.

Men’s Health is available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide. For race results and more details about the race, visit http://www.menshealth.com.ph.

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