It’s 330am and my seatmate to the menshealth all terrain race asked how long I’ve been running. I give the usual stats. And then came the question I haven’t encountered before.

“Hindi po ba nakakababa ng obaryo ang pagtakbo?”

I had to pause.

Does it? Will all the pounding and bouncing along while running really make ovaries drop lower?

I still have active imagination at 330am and could almost picture how ovaries would bounce up and down dangling from the fallopian tubes while running. And then I wondered, will the drop be directly proportional to speed or mileage?

Finally, I answered that I really don’t know. Friends Vimz and Beni came to mind. I added that I do have runner friends who are pregnant.

Then seatmate explained that her teacher in high school was a runner and had a hard time getting prenant.

If it wasn’t an ungodly hour then I would have probably gladly dissected the issue. Amount of training, diet, individual differences etc.

But its 330 and so we dropped the topic and tried to snooze a bit more.

Off to run the all terrain


4 thoughts on “330am

  1. wahahaha! if it does, i shouldn’t have gotten child no. 3 and baby no. 4! and naku, if running makes for ovaries getting misplaced, will it do the same for the other internal organs??? scary! hehe… but my no-expert opinion is that no it doesn’t. it’s just that running does have varying effects to people, or to women for that matter. the general rule is that women who runs and are fit will surely find it easier to get pregnant if and when they try (like moi!) but then again there are some exceptions (sadly) who find it hard to get pregnant because of running. doctor may sabi sakin nyan. well, i guess dr dingdong can explain it better to us ano? 😉

    missed you guys at the race this morning. hay! di bale two more months to go! 😛

  2. Hi Bards!

    From the back (of your pink shirt which I was seriously concentrating on) parang hindi naman bumababa yung matres… haha. Seriously, I heard so many horror stories re: female athletes having a hard time getting pregnant. But then I have so many sporty friends with kids din naman. Just stay healthy and listen to your body nalang, I guess. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be, right? =)

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